Following in the footsteps of J.W. Coffey, Edward G. Hagner from Brooklyn, New York, styled himself as "Eddie Masher, the Skeleton Dude" ("masher" was old slang for a gallant and debonair gentleman of great romantic prowess). A star of Coney Island's Dreamland Circus Sideshow during the 1917-1918 seasons, Eddie stood five foot, seven inches tall and weighed just 67 pounds. He became embroiled in a controversy in 1913 (almost certainly as part of a publicity ruse) after a tailor was unable to make a suit that would fit him. Masher sued for his $9 deposit back. "He is so narrow, believe me, that there is not enough space around him for all the seams which a coat has got to have," said the tailor.

Eddie died in 1962 at the respectable age of seventy - quite an old man by living-skeleton standards.

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